I’m Flattered to have 20,000 Followers on Twitter

I still feel like a newbie on social media, so it really thrills me that I now have 20,000 followers on Twitter. I was the the kind of guy who was never popular at school and to have so many people following what I say and do every day is very flattering. I don’t really know why so many follow me and not others who I think are more deserving and interesting.  For me it all started back in March 2010 when I bought a smartphone for the first time. This was the start of the Red Shirt protests and only a week after buying my iPhone I was with the Red Shirts on their big march from Samut Prakan into Bangkok. For me, things really snowballed from there as people started to follow me to find out the latest news on the protests. The following year was the big flood and again I gathered a large following by reporting on the real situation of the flooding. This year there hasn’t been any major events so far, but for some reason people still follow me. I tweet just as much but I have also diversified by opening new accounts.

  • @RichardBarrow – my main account for breaking news translated from the Thai media and of my latest travels
  • @191Thailand – an account dedicated to accidents, fires, earthquakes or any other kind of disaster in Thailand
  • @EnjoyThaiFood – this twitter feed is for anyone who enjoys eating Thai food just as much as me
  • @ThaiPrisonLife – all the latest news and pictures from inside Thai prisons
  • @PaknamNews – news and tourist information from Samut Prakan, my province
  • @ReadThaiTweets – easy to read tweets for people learning Thai at intermediate level
  • @ThailandVoice – links to all the blogs out there by people writing about Thailand
  • @Bangkok4Free – a new twitter account with lots of ideas of what to see and do in the capital for free

I am also active on Facebook though not as often. I delayed joining up for a long time as I didn’t really want the extra work. But realised in the end that I couldn’t really ignore it. I am on Facebook in two different locations: my personal profile page where I post pictures and news from my latest trips and my “fan page” where I post daily anything to do with Thailand.

If you already follow me, then may I give you a big “thank you” for your support. It means a lot to me.

2 thoughts on “I’m Flattered to have 20,000 Followers on Twitter

  • November 14, 2012 at 8:22 pm

    I can´t tell you, why you have 20.000 followers, but I can tell you why I follow you: You write about both interesting, fun and surprising stuff.

    You do it with an obvious love for Thailand and Thais that is not always present among expats in Thailand.

    You do it with enormous respect and understanding of Thais and their customs and you always try to educate your readers with a level head.
    Although you often write brochure stories about the wonderful country, you never hide the uglier sides of Thailand with corruption, censorship and the like.


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