Say Goodbye to CNNGo Bangkok

One of the best travel websites on the internet over the last few years was CNNGo Bangkok. There was always something of interest there about what to see and do in the capital. I used to get lots of ideas from their contributors. So, I was sad to hear today that all of the local CNNGo sites will be merged with CNN’s existing travel portfolio to become a more international digital channel called CNN Travel. They still promise insider guides which made CNNGo Bangkok so successful, but now Bangkok will be grouped under Asia Pacific.

“CNN Travel takes the best of, shakes it up and expands its horizons to create an online travel destination unlike anything else out there. We are incredibly proud of the success has had over the last three years and are thrilled to be taking it global with the creation of CNN Travel,” said Andrew Demaria, editor in chief of CNN Travel. The Hong Kong-headquartered team which launched and has managed the popular site ever since, will continue at the helm of the international CNN Travel platform, working with more than 800  international travel contributors to provide users with the distinct voice, authority and local insights which have made such a hit.

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