Kiha-183 Excursion Train to Ayutthaya

Good morning from Hua Lamphong Station. Today I’m on the Kiha-183 excursion train to Ayutthaya. This is a refurbished Japanese train that is used by the State Railway of Thailand as a tourist train doing excursions to different destinations every weekend. I will be doing most of these trips as part of my “Rail Tourism” project to promote eco-friendly and sustainable travel.

DATE OF TRAVEL: 25th March 2023

[2] To buy tickets for the KiHa-183 excursion train, go to the D-Ticket website… and click on ‘Exploring Thailand by Train’. There’s a different destination every week. Call 1690 for more information.

[3] Our trip today is to Ayutthaya. The ticket cost is 1,499 Baht and includes breakfast, lunch, bus and boat tours, and souvenirs. The price of other tours might vary. Sometimes cheaper sometimes more expensive.

[4] The train arrived at Ayutthaya Railway Station at 9:50am which is where we switched to buses for the first part of the tour. This is what makes these trips worthwhile as they include both the train and local transport at the destination.

[5] Our first stop was at Chao Sam Phraya National Museum. The admission price is included in the tour price. The highlight is the new Gold Treasure Exhibition that contains more than 2,000 gold artefacts found in the crypts at Wat Ratchaburana and Wat Mahathat.

[6] We had a buffet lunch at a local hotel which was included in the tour price. We then went back on the bus to go a short distance to a pier where we boarded a converted rice barge for a tour along the river.

[7] I love doing boat trips. These are always a highlight of any trip that I do. If you come here by yourself it is possible to rent a small boat for around 700 Baht. The old city of Ayutthaya is built on an island and taking a boat ride is a good way to see some of the sights.

[8] Our next stop was at Kong Khong Market in Bang Pa-In district. I have been here a few times and I do like it. But really it’s only interesting if you are hungry. And I was still full from lunch.


[9] The final stop, and the highlight for me, was the royal waiting room at Bang Pa-In Railway Station. This was officially opened on 26th March 1896 by King Rama V. It’s not normally open to the public and we were lucky to be able to go inside.

[10] This concludes the day trip to Ayutthaya onboard the KiHa-183 train. I hope you enjoyed my photos and I’ve inspired you to try this train on a future trip. There are now excursions every weekend.

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