Beware of Female Cleaners in Men’s Toilets

Beware of Female Cleaners in Men’s Toilets


If you are a male foreign tourist visiting Thailand, then there is something that you should maybe be aware about. I’m not sure about other countries as I have been living in Thailand for most of my adult life, but here it is a common sight to have female attendants inside the gentleman’s rest rooms. You shouldn’t be alarmed if one of them starts to mop between your legs as you do your business. Or checks your urinal as you go to wash your hands. In some male rest rooms, there also seems to be a room where these female cleaners hang out. Sometimes with the door propped open. I’ve been here so long now that I hardly bat an eyelid. But is this normal back in the West? The sign I spotted below in a hotel washroom seems to suggest otherwise.


19 thoughts on “Beware of Female Cleaners in Men’s Toilets

  1. i live in Qatar and gender separation is very pronounced in ME in general. Signs may be for tourists coming from that culture

  2. Last year I saw the female cleaner hiding hehind the door peeping at the mens’ urinal. I pretend to leave the toilet and return when a man went in and I notice she was there again. When her worker’s room door is slightly open, she can stand behind and get the best perspective. After that I went to the information counter and informed a supervisor. He asked me to bring him to the toilet to show him. I told him that is not necessary as they should have a record who is on duty. Want to know where ? It is Centralworld the level where there have the most dvd shops and the toilet nearest to it.

    1. She just want to make sure you are pissing into the urinal and not all over the places, like the sides or the floor. People do that you know. Come to malaysia and you smell the urine about a mile down the road. Yes, they piss all over the place in malaysia.
      Don’t flick your dick up and down to get rid of the last dripping, and if she catch you doing that, she will say “look, you got your yellow urine all over the walls”.
      May be she says, “Koay yai yai, ni mai mi (point to the brain). It means big dick, no brain.

  3. i went in tokyo narita airport, a developed country, and very clean country so not surprising to see a bathroom attendant, but usually in usa, they close the bathroom temporarily while they do a quick clean thru, but there business as usual while the lady attendant takes her sweet time cleaning thoroughly. i could care less if an old lady or a guy checked out my junk while doing my business, though ew, but there was a cute young female, and the fact that she was walking around me cleaning up, turned me on, perv that i am, so i got a bit aroused, and she saw my goods in all its glory haha, needless to say, she had to take a long pause to take it all in, pun intended, its what cheesy porno plots are made of….what can i say, lived a little fantasy there.

  4. another interesting bathroom note, in japan, i saw a public restroom with a urinal right by the busy street doorway, so anyone walking by outside could totally see your stuff while you pee. yikes! an exhibitionist wet dream…not for me though, since i would have had the inlaws waiting outside or friends of the family, so i waited for a more private bathroom…lol

  5. It’s quite inappropriate to employ women to work in men’s toilets, as happens in France and Italy. Women would not tolerate having to urinate with s strange man watching them so why should men have to? I find this very weird, sexist and unacceptable. Its another case of men being expected to tolerate something that women would never put up with

    1. I agree with you, Harry. Here is S. Korea, women janitors enter the “men’s” room anytime they want. Plus, the urinals are almost always lined up right in front of the doorway, where there is either no door at all or a see-through glass door. So, you’re expected to piss in public like a dog. I refuse to use urinals for these reasons. I refuse to piss in front of my female students and female colleagues who might be walking by or standing in front of the doorway.

      Also, in co-ed restrooms, e.g. in bars, the urinal is usually right next to the sink with no divider. Nuts?

      Who are these retarded architects who design restrooms in these ways? And who are the idiots who only hire women janitors? What is so hard about hiring men to clean men’s rooms?

      And just because you can get used to something doesn’t make it okay.

  6. Females cleaners can walk in on men using the toilet but male cleaners can’t walk in on females using the toilet even though they have privacy locked in a cubicle.

    This blatant gender discrimination is offensive because it makes the assumption ALL males are untrustworthy but ALL females are trustworthy.

    If you’ve ever been cheated out of your family soley because your ex was a female, you know clearly not all females are trustworthy.

    ALL people should be treated with the same equal dignity and respect regardless of their gender. Female cleaners should NEVER be allowed in men’s toilets, while in use. To do so is animal behavior

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