Some Good Tweets and Links About Thailand You May Have Missed


The following are some of the more popular articles about Thailand tweeted over the last week:

  • Bangkok PostAn illegal taxi driver who abducted and sexually assaulted a Chinese tourist while high on drugs and alcohol will serve no jail time
  • Thai Travel Blogs: Reclining Buddha Ranked Among the Best Attractions in Asia
  • Bangkok Post: The number of internet users in Thailand will reach 35 million this year or half the population, says the ICT minister
  • Khao Sod: A 16 year old boy has died from drinking 18 litres of water during an exorcist ceremony in Songkhla
  • The Guardian: Nearly 2,650 children drown in Thailand per year
  • Richard Barrow: How to Solve Traffic problems in Bangkok
  • Bangkok Post: A Russian tourist was killed and 38 others injured in a bus accident in Kanchanaburi’s Sai Yok district
  • Thai Travel Blogs: Seat belts to be made compulsory for Inter-Provincial Buses in Thailand
  • Khao Sod: Asiatique in Bangkok plan a “Snow Town” & cable car across the Chao Phraya River

The following are some popular tweets about Thailand from the last week:

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