Jasmine Nights by @Somtow now available on Kindle

One of my favourite books set in Thailand is “Jasmine Nights” by S.M. Somtow. I bought it many years ago during my first years in Thailand. I had forgotten all about it until @Somtow just tweeted to say that his book is now available on Kindle for $9.99. I’m tempted to buy the new e-version to re-read this book. Highly recommended.

At twelve years old, Little Frog has a richly fantastic and sustaining inner life. It is 1963, his parents have disappeared, and he lives with his maiden aunts, known affectionately as the Three Fates, on a family estate in Bangkok. But, fed by a steam of books and accompanied by his pet chameleon, Little Frog refuses to accept that he is Thai; eats English food; speaks only English; and answers to the name Justin. Into Justin’s eclectically fashioned, whirling fantasy world steps Virgil, a black American boy, and together they embark on a glorious spree of magic and growing up, in which sex, adult confusions, comedy, farce, politics, and the voices of the East and West are fused into a voyage of exhilarating discovery.

Buy on Amazon.com for $9.99 (price may vary depending on your region)

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