Nano SIM Cutters at MBK for iPhone 5

Nano SIM Cutters at MBK for iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 has already been released and has entered the grey market at places like MBK in Bangkok. One of the questions that keeps popping up is what to do about the SIM card on your old phone. This is because the new iPhone 5 devices use a smaller Nano SIM. I have heard that DTAC will exchange your Micro SIM for a Nano. Not sure about True and AIS yet. You might have to wait for the official release in Thailand. However, I have just spotted that vendors at MBK have a SIM cutter for the Nano and they will cut your SIM for free. The above picture was posted by Blink7 on his Facebook page. I bought my iPad original from him with no problems.

8 thoughts on “Nano SIM Cutters at MBK for iPhone 5

      1. The big three all have nano sims in stock now so we shouldn’t need these contraptions to cut anything.

        FYI sanding isn’t required to make it thinner to work with the iPhone 5. Future revisions of the phone may follow the official nano specs but not the iP5

  1. That means it is the same !.
    Nothing new but reduced some unused space. Important parts (circuits) should be same and placed same way in both.

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