Where are the longest escalators in Thailand?

The other day, @tri26 tweeted this picture of the escalators at MRT Lumphini in Bangkok with the comment that it is probably the longest escalator in Thailand. A short while later, @KrisKoles tweeted his own picture of the very long escalators at Terminal 21 in Bangkok that go up four floors. I did a quick Google search and according to the Wiki page for Terminal 21, it is claimed that “this mall has the longest escalators in Thailand, up to 36 metres”. Does anyone know of any more that could be longer?

While on the subject of escalators in Thailand, be careful with your kids as just recently there has been two serious accidents. One in a Bangkok shopping mall where a girl got her head trapped. She is now in a coma. The second was in a provincial hospital. A boy there managed to get his foot caught and it had to be amputated.

One thought on “Where are the longest escalators in Thailand?

  • April 6, 2015 at 4:11 pm

    Yes the longest escalator in thailnd is in the MRT Lumphini station
    Terminal-21 have 3 floor escalator but it not the longest


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