Giant Observation Tower to be built in Samut Prakan

The Samut Prakan Observation Tower has been many years in the planning, but finally it looks like it will be moving ahead. (Notice I say “looks like”.) In my mailbox today I got my press invitation for the Foundation Stone Ceremony this coming Thursday. This will be a religious event to bless the building of this giant tower. The reason that I am a little pessimistic about this project is that this will be the second time that I have attended this ceremony. It last took place FIVE years ago and we all thought that they would start building straight away. But politics and budgets got in the way. Once completed it will be a new attraction for both Samut Prakan and Bangkok. At the top there will be a restaurant with some great views of the Gulf of Thailand to the South and Bangkok to the North. I will write more details about this once I get the press release on Thursday. Follow me on Twitter @RichardBarrow and also on for more pictures.

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