Is it Safe to Visit Bangkok with the Floods and Riots?

On Twitter today I was tweeting a number of pictures and news about the flooding in Bangkok and also the clash on Phahon Yothin Road between Red Shirts and Yellow Shirts. When people see this they, quite understandably, think the worst. I realized this as soon as I started getting questions from anxious people who had booked a holiday to Bangkok. They wanted to know whether it would be safe. At the moment we are in the rainy season. This obviously brings flooding like anywhere else in the world. When people see pictures of the floods in Bangkok they immediately think of the big floods last year that went on for months. This is not the case here.

We are having torrential rain at the moment and the drains just cannot cope. In most cases the floods went down a few hours after it stopped raining. It should also be noted that just as many roads didn’t flood in Bangkok during these rain storms. But, obviously a wet road doesn’t make a good picture. The second issue today was a clash between different political groups. This was an isolated incident and didn’t spread out of the immediate area. There were no reports of serious injuries. I am sure you have had far more serious incidents in your home country. I know England has been hit by flooding at the moment as I just heard it on the news. But, it wouldn’t put me off visiting. Nor should it for you to come to Thailand.

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