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If you are one of those people that use Twitter to find information about Thailand, then you might find the “authority lists” by Agilience of interest. They take a look at the most popular topics, then they look at the people tweeting to see who matters and who to trust. This then makes it easier to do searches. For Thailand, there are five topics as follows:

THAILAND: Top authorities include @saksith, @BangkokPostNews, @FCCThai, @MimiSawitta, @ThailandWatch and @pakhead. For full list click here.

TOURISM IN THAILAND: Top authorities include @ThailandFanClub, @FanClubThailand, TheTATNews, @BambooGardens, @go2Thailand and @AbsoluteThai. For full list click here.

POLITICS OF THAILAND: Top authorities include @prachatai_en, @sunaibkk, @saksith, @pakhead, @udd_english, @thailandwatch and @zenjournalist. For full list click here.

THAI CUISINE: @templeofthai, @expique, @pawkhrua, @fanclubthailand, @migrationology, @thailandfanclub and @bkkfatty. For full list click here.

Please let me know in the comments below if you think there are any Twitter authorities missing from the lists above (make sure you click on the links to see full lists). Please also suggest any other good topics on Thailand that could be included. If you didn’t know, I also tweet sometimes in my free time on @RichardBarrow.

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