Picture Highlights of “Bangkok Food Tours”

On Saturday I went on a food tour with Bangkok Food Tours. I had done a tour with them before the other year when we explored the Bang Rak area. This time I did their “Chinatown Foodie Walk & Culture Tour”. This one was a night tour that started at 6 p.m. The tour lasted about 3.5 hours.  We ate at food stalls and restaurants in the area and also had time for some local landmarks. The following are some of the pictures that I tweeted live during the tour. I can highly recommend a tour like this if you want to know more about Thai food.

[tweet https://twitter.com/RichardBarrow/statuses/465079568248741888]
[tweet https://twitter.com/RichardBarrow/statuses/465087964905619456]
[tweet https://twitter.com/RichardBarrow/statuses/465109126406602752]
[tweet https://twitter.com/RichardBarrow/statuses/465110457968123904]
[tweet https://twitter.com/RichardBarrow/statuses/465115689062109184]
[tweet https://twitter.com/RichardBarrow/statuses/465119723529596928]
[tweet https://twitter.com/RichardBarrow/statuses/465123508796669952]
[tweet https://twitter.com/RichardBarrow/statuses/465129197103370243]
[tweet https://twitter.com/RichardBarrow/statuses/465130669538934784]
[tweet https://twitter.com/RichardBarrow/statuses/465138602913980416]
[tweet https://twitter.com/RichardBarrow/statuses/465143181655277568]

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