Exhibition in June for Thailand’s Top Street Artist

BON Solo Show 2014

The opening of “BON Solo Show 2014” is on the 12th June from 6:30pm at the Soy Sauce Factory Bangkok. This is a show that’s taken nearly two years to paint and curate, and has large scale installations, oil paintings, etching, sculptures and automatons.

BON Solo Show 2014

Thirty Three year old Thai born Bon has steadily built his reputation as one of Asia’s most prolific street artists since graduating as a fine artist in 2005, from Chang Mai to Hat Yai his trade mark characters have appeared along road sides, shop shutters and just about any surface shown to him. Bon’s style and ability to translate his street work into incredibly detailed and vibrant gallery paintings, sculptures and installations, sets him apart from many other Street Artists, and puts him at the forefront of Asian Street art.

BON Solo Show 2014

In 2007, Bon met up with Souled Out Studios the Urban art gallery that represented two other well known Thai street artists AMP and Alexface, since then his collector base has steadily grown world wide, showing across Europe and Asia, and is now featured as one of the galleries most important artists. This rang true in 2013 when BON flew along with Alexface to the UK to open a dedicated show alongside London Frieze week, a run away success for both the artists and gallery receiving glowing reviews from the Financial Times and other publications, BON sold all 30 of his works on the opening night…..and went on to coat the streets of London with his art along side Graffiti Legends Inkie, The London Police and Mau Mau.

BON Solo Show 2014

The Soi Sauce Factory is on Soi 24 Charoenkrung Road inBangkok. A fresh new space in a fresh old space, the Soy Sauce Factory was opened just a short time ago as a multi disciplinary art space, featuring both large cavernous rooms and smaller project spaces. BON’S solo show will be taking over the whole building, balconies, and ledges. The show will run until 18th June 2014. It is open daily from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

For more information on the location please check: http://www.facebook.com/soysaucefactory?ref=br_rs

Images from the Streets: http://www.flickr.com/photos/tbon
Instagram: @muebon
Website: www.muebon.com

One thought on “Exhibition in June for Thailand’s Top Street Artist

  • May 10, 2014 at 11:12 am

    A shame as this looks amazing, but I doubt this will happen.

    Thailand will have a military coup soon, or a civil war starting in the next few weeks. It’s patently obvious from what Suthep is doing and saying that this is what he intends.

    I’ve already booked my flight out of Thailand, after years of living here as I don’t intend to put my life in jeopardy. And I suggest anyone with families here, or who values their life does the same.

    Mark my words, things are going to get very ugly here in the coming months. Thailand is not a place you are going to want to be in, and definitely not one you’d want to ever vacation in. Look at Syria and Ukraine – same signs as Thailand. Syria in the midst of a civil war. Ukraine, analysts now say, will likely be in a civil war within weeks.

    Sad but true 🙁


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