126 People in Thailand have Died from Dengue Fever this Year


The number of people dying from Dengue Fever in Thailand is now at 126 in only 10 months. This is a big increase from previous years: 2012 (48 deaths), 2011 (45 deaths), 2010 (125 deaths) and 2009 (37 deaths). The number of people with Dengue Fever symptoms this year so far is 133,377 which is more than double compared to last year.

Symptons: Once a person is bitten by a virus-carrying mosquito, symptoms only appear after an incubation period of three to 15 days (5 to 8 days in most cases). Dengue fever’s most common symptoms include:

Sudden chills and pain around the eyes;
High fever, up to 104° F / 40° C;
Headaches, muscle pain and neck pain;
Unexplained lethargy, loss of appetite;
Nausea, vomiting and/or diarrhea;
Skin rash that usual starts around the abdomen and upper torso.

More information on the website of Bumrungrad Hospital.

Please be extra careful this year in not only preventing mosquito bites, but also in monitoring people with flu-like symptoms. If in doubt, please visit your doctor.

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One thought on “126 People in Thailand have Died from Dengue Fever this Year

  • October 28, 2013 at 11:00 am

    Serious stuff….My fiance has been battling with this Virus for two months now. She contracted Hemorrhagic Dengue, very serious, village hospitals are a bit of a joke. My partner was not even seen to by a doctor. A Nurse gave her calami lotion !! did’t even check her vital signs. The lotion given was for itchy skin, her skin was red from internal bleeding!! Any way The bigger hospitals are a little more professional but are still very hesitant to admit people for over night stay, regardless of sickness or bank balance. Thailand is a wonderful country with many extremes, I do love it here but when serious issues arise I do struggle to see the logic in the eyes of the policy makers……


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