How to “Register” for an iPhone 5S and 5C in Thailand


If you are interested in buying an official iPhone 5S or 5C you can now register your interest in one of these devices on the TrueMoveH website (see here). The release date has already been confirmed for Friday 25th October 2013 though no confirmation yet on the prices. The price list probably won’t be released until the last minute. On the form you can register which iPhone model you are interested in buying as well as capacity and colour. Please note, there is no guarantee you will get the colour you want. Once the booking form has been opened, you will receive an SMS and email. I am sure if you want “gold” you will need to be quick. The iPhone 5S looks much the same as the iPhone 5 and so I think most people will go for the “gold” so that everyone knows they have a new phone.