The Face Behind the “Mind the Gap” Announcement on the MRT Subway


If you have ever ridden the MRT Subway in Bangkok, then you are surely familiar with the “Mind the Gap” announcement at every station. But have you ever wondered about the face behind the voice. Let me introduce you to Sarosha Pornudomsak. Her face is probably familiar to many expats in Thailand as she was a show host on TAN Network. She is now the News Director at IN channel.


Last night I had the pleasure of having dinner with these three lovely ladies who all work for IN channel. From left to right they are Sarosha Pornudomsak (@AmmSarosha), Revadee Phasuniramol (@JenRevadee) and Chadaporn lin (@ChadapornLin). You can watch them all on IN channel on TrueVisions 90.

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