National Scout Day in Thailand


Every year on the 1st July, students and teachers in Thailand celebrate National Scout Day. Scouting was first introduced in Thailand on the 1st July 1911 by King Rama VI making it the third country to take up Scouting in the world. King Rama VI graduated at Oxford University in the UK and brought back many ideas with him. This included Scouting.


King Rama VI is fondly remembered as the “Father of Thai Scouting” and every year on Scout Day, on 1st July, Scouts pay homage to his image and take part in parades. Thailand probably also has one of the largest memberships because it is compulsory for every student to become a Scout. Schools pick their own days to be Scout days and the students then come to school in their Scout uniform. During assembly they have inspection and then later in the day they have a Scout lesson. At the end of each term there is a written exam.


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