Record Breaking Temperatures in Thailand


This is a screenshot that I took from CH.3 news this morning. It shows the top temperatures for Thailand yesterday. As you can see, the hottest temperature yesterday was 42.7°C in Kanchanaburi. In the North the hottest was 42.3°C in Tak. In Bangkok, it was 37.5°C. But, how does this compare to previous years?

In 2012, the hottest places in Thailand were Lampang, Phrae and Tak at 41.7°C. The highest in Bangkok was 40.0°C.

In 2011, the hottest was Buriram at 40.7°C, followed by Tak at 40.4°C and Lopburi at 39.2°C. The highest in Bangkok was 38.5°C.

In 2010, the hottest was Mae Hong Son at 43.4°C, closely followed by Kanchanaburi at 43°C and Buriram at 41.1°C. Bangkok was 39.7°C.

If you think that was hot then you need to check the records going further back. The hottest recorded temperature in Thailand was 44.05°C in Uttaradit on 27 April 1960.

As we’ve only just entered April, I have a feeling that a lot more heat is yet to come. According to the Met Office, they reckon we should see temperatures of at least 43°C.

One thought on “Record Breaking Temperatures in Thailand

  • April 4, 2013 at 1:52 pm

    Everyone I know is having a hard time with the heat. Makes you tired, with loss of appitite. In Udon we only had about two weeks of the cool season.


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