Beware of Snatch Thieves on Motorcycles


I think it’s worth reminding people again to be careful of snatch thieves. I saw this sign in Bangkok the other day. There are quite a few around. So, don’t say no-one told you. Snatch robberies like this unfortunately happen too often. Usually there are two people on a motorcycle. They usually have a knife to cut your shoulder strap. It’s best to walk towards oncoming traffic, as far away from the road as you can, and carry your bag on the shoulder furthest away from the road. If you do encounter a snatch thief, you do need to make a decision as to whether the contents are worth more than your life. An Australian tourist in Phuket didn’t want to give up her bag. The thief tried to cut the straps but in the struggle the tourist was sadly fatally stabbed.

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  • February 18, 2013 at 6:08 pm

    A work colleague shared a story about her handbag being “motorcycle” snatched out of her bicycle’s front basket in the ‘burbs of Ramkhamhaeng last week. The handbag contained credit cards, an iPhone, money and a variety of other items. She notified the constabulary and twelve of Bangkok’s finest turned up in a van to investigate. A bystander happened to catch wind of the situation, talked to the lady about her situation and, in a jiffy, had located her iPhone using a GPS App with his own phone. He proceeded to inform the gentlemen in brown of the situation who seemed to be non-plussed about the new information. With some encouragement, which meant he started to go off by himself to find the iPhone, the police decided to accompany him. After a rather run down house was identified as the abode of the iPhone, the police, ever so politely knocked on the door and informed the lady who answered it of the situation. She, surprisingly, denied the allegations. The bystander with the GPS App proceeded to call the number of the iPhone and, as you have probably guessed, it rang inside the house. Bangkok’s finest did what they do best and entered the said premises and located the iPhone in a false compartment under a stereo system along with a collection of other, presumably, snatched items. The incredible conclusion to the story is that someone had the presence of mind to solve the mystery of the snatched iPhone whilst the “snatcher” did not have the awareness to disable the device in the first place.

  • February 15, 2013 at 6:44 pm

    If you’re walking on a left sidewalk hold the bag on your left arm with it facing the front (out of sight). Keep well to the left away from the road. This will make it very difficult for a quick snatch as well as visual contact. The opposite applies if walking on the right side.


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