Don’t Let Your Twitter Account Get Hijacked

Every now and then I see strange tweets from people which make me think that they are either drunk tweeting or their account has been hijacked. Here is one way people get their accounts hijacked. A message usually comes through from someone you know saying something like “Did you see this pic of you?” And then there is a link.

Of course, this didn’t really come from a friend. Or at least your friend didn’t write it as their account had already been hijacked by this method. I wouldn’t advise clicking on a link like this, but in this case it goes to a log-in page that looks like its on Twitter’s website. But look closely at the URL. It’s spelled slightly differently. Enter your username and password here and you have just given it to the hijackers on a plate. Does your email have the same password? Yes? Well you have just let them take over that too.

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