Toilets for Ladyboys


I think only in Thailand do they recognise transgenders as being a “Third Sex”. In Thai they say “เพศที่สาม”. A more common translation into English is Ladyboy which is used by the English language press in Thailand. It is common to see Ladyboys here in Thailand and they are generally accepted by most people. However, not all women want to see Ladyboys in their toilets and the Ladyboys obviously don’t want to use the Men’s. To solve that problem, we are starting to see the so-called “Purple Toilets” (ห้องนํ้า”สีม่วง”) around Thailand. Even in some schools.

One thought on “Toilets for Ladyboys

  • November 7, 2012 at 9:31 am

    Hom about trains? I traveled overnight train alone. Bought 1st class sleeper ticket. So I had to share cabin with some man. If ladyboy do that, will they sell manplace to him or womanplace to her?


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