Security Restrictions for the Royal Barge Procession


On Friday 9th November, countless thousands of people will be lining the banks of the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok to watch the Royal Barge Procession. As the Crown Prince and other members of the Royal Family will be there, security will be very strict. As well as police on speedboats, they will also be standing along the banks on both sides and on top of tall buildings such as condos. The rooftop will also be off-limit to residents.

The Chao Phraya River will be closed to all boats. In addition, no boats will be able to moor anywhere between Wat Arun and King Rama VIII Bridge. Public and private piers will be off-limits. All of the bridges will also be closed to both vehicles and pedestrians. Hotel staff will have to tell their guests that they cannot watch from the balcony of their room though they can watch from the window or from the ground level. Using the hotel swimming pool will also be forbidden if it faces the river. This is due to strict dress code. So, no sunbathing on Friday afternoon.

With all these security restrictions and the fact that people will be reserving spots along the river before the sun even rises, I think it would be better to watch on television. The show will start at 3pm on every channel and will last until about 5:30pm

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