Foreign National Information Form in Thailand

Foreign National Information Form in Thailand


It hasn’t been rolled out nationwide yet, but the “Foreign National Information Form” has started to make an appearance at some Immigration offices around Thailand. Samut Prakan is the latest office to have this form. it would seem that you need to fill it in during every visit, which includes 90 day reporting and extension of stay. A friend had to fill it in twice during the period of one month. You should also note that you need a passport photo for this form. The following is the introduction at the top of the form:

“This form shall be used for making record of information of every alien entering and staying in the Kingdom of Thailand and shall be submit with Notification of residences for Aliens (section 37, 38 of Immigration Act, BE, 2522), or 90-days notification, or Extension of Stays (all purposes), or Re-entry Permits, or in all cases involving alien labors.”

Section 1 is for the recording officer to fill in his own details.

Section 2 is for information about the “alien”

  1. Full name, date of birth, passport number, and names of father and mother
  2. Full address and telephone numbers in home country
  3. Full address and telephone numbers of your home and work in Thailand
  4. Social media and email (this is optional)
  5. Car make, model, colour and license plate
  6. Frequently visited places or premises such as clubs, restaurants, shops, hospital etc
  7. Emergency contact details for one Thai and one foreign national
  8. Bank account details such as bank, branch, account name and account number. This is only required for certain types of visa applications)

The third page is for any additional information that you wish to surrender to the Immigration officers.

Please note, the form ends with these words: “Providing false information to an officer, shall be punished under Penal Code.

29 thoughts on “Foreign National Information Form in Thailand

    1. Hi Rick, this is what is says on the form:
      “This form shall be used for making record of information of every alien entering and staying in the Kingdom of Thailand”
      So my wild guess is that in the future only this one form will be used.

    2. Yes,i have just had to fill one out at Chiang Mai for 30 day extension on tourist visa.

      Looked like everyone was filling it out

  1. Richard, which are the ‘certain types’ of visas the bank details are needed for? Do you know? Thanks.

      1. When I obtained my non-imm O-A I supplied my USA account numbers. I now have a Thai bank account. This is probably what they look for I’m guessing. While they cannot lock down your foreign accounts easily, they can lock down your Thai accounts.

        1. Only if your proof of funds is based on a pension. The other option is 800.000 Thb on a Thai bank account for three months previous to renewal of visa. (400.000 for ppl married to a Thai national)

          1. Not quite correct, your income could be a pension or another source of funds, overseas rental income or dividends for instance.
            The point I’m making is that a Thai bank account isn’t mandatory.

  2. When I did my visa extension a few weeks ago, I filled out the usual forms but didn’t do anything with this. The guy looked at it and said, “You didn’t complete this.” I didn’t respond and he just moved on and completed my paperwork. I guess he figured that a 69-year-old who was employed by a university was not too much of a threat. I’ll see what happens on my next visit.

  3. This (Foreign national information form) Has to do with anyone who over stays their 30 visa. I called the Samut Prakan location.

  4. Interestingly this week I went to the one stop center bear Wat Hualampong and was told I had to complete the new form. I filled in my name address and passport number only and was waiting for an interrogation about the rest of the form but it was not read at all and just added to a large pile of other forms. So if nothing is being done with it what is the point of this over intrusive document? I for one am not going to divulge any information about my bank account or social networking to Immigration when there own servers can be hacked and they don’t have a valid security certificate for their web site. The thing that really annoys me about the TM47 anyway is that there is not attempt to verify the information I give immigration so again whats the point – I could tell them anything. When I questioned why the new form is not being publicised on the immigration web site and the online reporting system seems to be so flaky I got all of the usual excuses shirking responsibility and blaming others, when asked if I understood I don’t think it was appreciated when I replied – “yes, this is Thailand”

  5. Hi Richard.

    I am a Non-Resident Canadian and living in Thailand on a Retirement Visa. I do not have a home address in Canada and tried to explain this to the officer in Samut Prakarn office but he would not sign unless I gave an address. Is there any advice you can give me on this as my renewal is coming up.


  6. I actually didn’t gave this to officers when receiving my passport and they didn’t asked for it. It’s was a tourist visa extension in Bangkok.

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