A Great Aerial View of Democracy Monument in Bangkok

A Great Aerial View of Democracy Monument in Bangkok


One of the pictures tweeted last night that caught my attention the most was this one of the protest site in front of the Democracy Monument on Ratchadamnoen Klang Avenue. A lot of the Thai media outlets have these “drones” now to take pictures at rallies, festivals and also during the recent floods. I’ve always wanted one myself but up to now the prices have been way out of my budget. But, I have just noticed that the prices have come down a lot now. Though the “Ready to Fly” drones will always be a bit more expensive. A good place to start is HobbyThai.com. If you are in Singapore I found SingaHobby.com. The drone below, which is a Hexacopter, was used to take the above shot. It is actually a still from a video shot with the Go Pro 3.


Someone recommended to me that I should buy a DJI Phantom as they are easier to use for the beginner. It is certainly smaller than this one and as it only has four blades it’s called a Quadcopter. I think with the one above I would be too worried that it would crash dive into a crowd and cut someone up. Which I believe has happened. I’m not sure if they have any safety restrictions in Thailand on these yet. Probably not yet as you don’t see them often. I noticed that Phantom 2 has just come out and it has a built in camera which streams via WiFi to your smartphone as it flies high above your head. I am tempted to buy that one. If anyone has any experience of these model drones then please post in the comments below.

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6 thoughts on “A Great Aerial View of Democracy Monument in Bangkok

  1. The pics from the drone are great, i have heard that unless you are careful you may need some spare parts and have to spend time and money fixing it after hard landings…..

  2. Hi Richard & All,
    If you did not know. There is company called jDrones here in Thailand. We manufacture all types of drones for everyone’s needs, flying electronics, frames, groundstations.. you name it.. There are kits and ready to fly systems available. Also teaching and repair service is available.

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