iPad Air to be officially released in Thailand on 15 November 2013

iPad Air in Thailandc

This didn’t take long at all. It has just been announced that the iPad Air will have its official launch in Thailand on Friday 15th November 2013. This is only a few weeks after America. This will be the 5th iPad in the series. The new iPad Air is said to be “unbelievably thin and light”.  For those that are interested, you can buy from “iStudio” stores across Thailand from next Friday. However, there are no prices yet and only the WiFi version will be available from these stores. Presumably you would have to buy the 4G/LTE versions from the main carriers. No news yet on that. Also, no news on the release date of the iPad Mini.

UPDATE: Here are the official prices from the Apple online store –

iPad Air – Wifi 16 GB : 16,900 Baht
iPad Air – Wifi 32 GB : 20,400 Baht
iPad Air – Wifi 64 GB : 23,900 Baht
iPad Air – Wifi 128 GB : 27,400 Baht

iPad Mini Retina – Wifi 16 GB : 13,400 Baht
iPad Mini Retina – Wifi 32 GB : 16,900 Baht
iPad Mini Retina – Wifi 64 GB : 20,400 Baht
iPad Mini Retina – Wifi 128 GB : 23,900 Baht

3G versions or cellular versions have to be bought from the main carriers like DTAC, AIS and True.

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