Fares to go Down on Skytrain Extensions

Fares to go Down on Skytrain Extensions


Some good news for people who live on the skytrain extension from On Nut to Bearing on the Sukhumwit Line. Bangkok City Hall said that from 17 May 2013 they will slash the price from 15 baht to only 10 Baht. It doesn’t matter how many stations you pass through on the extension as 10 Baht is the fixed fee. Fares on the Thonburi to Bang Wa extension on the Silom Line will also be reduced to 10 Baht from 5th December 2013. For the rest of the line, which is operated by Bangkok Mass Transit System Plc (BTS), fares will go up by two Baht starting from 1st June 2013. However, if you use a Rabbit Card you won’t see this fare rise until the end of the year.

7 thoughts on “Fares to go Down on Skytrain Extensions

  1. hi richard,

    thanks for the info.

    regarding rabbit card, what is the expiry date of the trips usage?
    is it by calendar month (eg. if i buy on 17 May, the remaining un-used trips expires by 16 June or by 31 May?), and what happens to the remaining card value?

      1. You guys talk about different things. Observer talks about the fixed price per trip, which run out after one month (in your case, it will be 16 June), while Richard talk about stored value. The fixed price per trip has lost some of its advantage after they started to charge extra for the extensions. Why can’t they just have one price scheme for the whole network, like every other major city in this world? As it is now, with extra charges for the extensions and separate tickets for BTS and MRT, it’s often more expensive to get around in Bangkok than in Singapore or HK, cities with a much higher cost and salary level.

        1. As far as I know, the Rabbit Cards are only top-ups. No set number of trips. It is unfortunate that the whole network isn’t run by the same people. The old section is BTS and the new extensions are BMA. Rabbit card is for both sections and also the BRT.

  2. Rabbit Card is available for trips as well as cash on one card and also offers Carrot Points. The friendly cashier at the station also has colourful pictorial aids if one is uncomfortable with Tinglish.

    1. Exactly – you can add trips that are valid between Mo Chit and On Nut and National Stadium and Wongwian Yai, but if you are going to travel from a mainline station to an extension station you’ll also need cash. It’ll deduct one trip for the mainline leg and 15 baht (or 10 from tomorrow) for the bit on the extension. And as Jorgen says in response to Observer’s query, the trips are valid for one full month from purchase.

  3. The Thonburi to Bang Wa extension is years away from being complete. The last station on the line is Talad Phlu and I seriously doubt the next two stations, up to the Ratchapreuk intersection will be complete in time for the end of the year.

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