New Bicycle-Friendly Manhole Covers for Bangkok


If you have ever ridden road bikes with narrow wheels on the streets of Bangkok then you have probably noticed those sewer grates which can cause a serious accident. You probably wondered that if only they had put them in the other way so that you could ride over them safely without getting your wheels caught. After receiving many complaints from the cycling community, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) identified 1,203 manhole covers on 57 roads that needed to be replaced. According to a press release, they have so far replaced 999 covers on 50 roads so far. Some more good news is that more cycle lanes will be built for Bangkok this year.

One thought on “New Bicycle-Friendly Manhole Covers for Bangkok

  • May 10, 2013 at 12:56 pm

    it’s time. I love Cycling


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