Maidreamin’ Cafe Opens in Bangkok with Cute Thai Girls

Maidreamin’ Cafe Opens in Bangkok with Cute Thai Girls


If it’s your dream to visit a themed restaurant where cute Thai girls dress up in maid uniforms, then you will probably enjoy the new Bangkok restaurant called Maidreamin. First opened in Japan, the latest branch is now here in our city at Gateway Ekamai on Soi Sukhumwit 42. As you arrive, two maids come to greet you and escort you to your table. Opening hours are 11 a.m. – 10 p.m. daily. More information and pictures on their Facebook page. I’m not quite sure what to make of this. It seems to be demeaning to women. What do you think? Is it just harmless fun?


RT @khajochi: กำลังจะเข้าสู่ร้านเมดคาเฟ่ชื่อดัง Maidreamin อร๊าย น้องๆ มาต้อนรับหน้าร้านเลย >///< @ Maidreamin…

UPDATE: I wrote this blog while @khajochi was still at the restaurant. He has now tweeted both the bill and the souvenir picture. I must say, this looks to be a very expensive restaurant even if they do have “entertainment”. Would you go there at this price?



14 thoughts on “Maidreamin’ Cafe Opens in Bangkok with Cute Thai Girls

  1. Demeaning to women?! Haven’t you ever noticed the ten thousand Japanese Kraoke Hostess Bars scattered around Bangkok, stocked with cute Thai girls in all kinds of costumes and also w/o any costumes at all, performing all sorts of hostess duties for cash.

    Maiddreamin’ Cafes would seem to be the least of it in terms of Thai women performing demeaning roles with Japanese guys (not to speak of with Thai guys and all the other guys wandering around Thailand).

  2. It’s great.Cute girls and funny surrounding. Go and enjoy. Let them open more and set reasonable price… I hate queuing.

  3. i have just checked their excellently entertaining facebook page and used the wonderful BING translator which came up with kill man, big splash and for some unfathonable reason, thyroid. i wonder what they are really trying to tell us. i am in and around ekamai in a few weeks, but my wife only gives me 100bhat a day pocket money, so i will have to give the maids a miss.

  4. Just a bit of a novelty really, not my cup of tea and wouldn’t spend nearly £33 in there, as for being degrading to women, in the western world it may look that way, but i live not far from a Hooters and nobody seems to think they are degrading.

  5. I have been to one in Japan and it’s not bad. Odd and strange yes. Demeaning? Nope. These type of cafes are all over Japan. Besides there are far more demeaning/strange cafes in Japan.

    I was hoping a tsundere cafe would open here just to see the reactions of people who go there.

  6. Hope the “Giantic” Curry Rice was in fact Gigantic at that price. Have just googled “tsundere cafe” (JLR’s comment) – lol, there are already fetish clubs in Bangkok for that :). What next? Vending machines with canned used knickers? probably.

  7. Hooters anyone? There plenty of costume, sexy girly restaurants, bars in the West too. No difference at all…

  8. been there 2 times(once was last year Feb and latest was 3 days ago!) very cute and pretty girls working as waitress.

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