Update for Google Maps Thailand


Hot on the heels to the major update to Google Street View that added seven new provinces, comes the news on the Google blog that they have just added today “more comprehensive and accurate maps for Thailand”.

The updated map for Thailand now provides more comprehensive information about the Bangkok city center. So next time you happen to find yourself needing to cross the Chao Phraya River, you’ll be able to see that many ferry routes across the river are now mapped in greater detail, with route names shown and piers clearly marked. You can also pinpoint nearby points of interest, such as the Grand Palace and other sites like Wat Pho. We’ve also added many other kinds of new information to the map, including improved local-language labels and detailed coverage for prominent places like universities and hospitals. Today’s update also makes our maps more comprehensive by bringing more of Thailand’s natural geography online for everyone to see.

Something else they say is new is the “Report a problem” link, which is now visible in the lower right corner of your screen. If you see something is wrong you can now help correct it by clicking on this link.

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