Priority Lane at Immigration for Pregnant Men

Priority Lane at Immigration for Pregnant Men


It is great that the Immigration desk at the airport has a priority lane for families with young kids and for people in wheelchairs. But how often do you see “pregnant men”?

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6 thoughts on “Priority Lane at Immigration for Pregnant Men

  1. Unfortunately this highlights the woeful standard of English proficiency in Thailand. Sadly lacking far behind Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam and even the signage in Myanmar.

  2. Hi Richard, sorry to make an unrelated reply but can’t sign up on the Paknam web forums or really find any other way to contact you (I don’t do FB) I was wondering if your still looking for feed back on the Samut Prakan Immigration website as I’ve come across a confusing contradiction regarding visa extentions. Also I’ve got some bits of general content for Samut Prakan you may be interested in. Let me know at Cheers, Arran.

  3. The Russian sentence also say “pregnant men” (“bremeniy muzshchina”), and that cannot possibly be just a careless omission (it’s not just 2 missing like in English).

    At least they’re consistent. Clear demonstration of Thai work ethic: “if the boss said ‘pregnant men’, better translate it just like that than complain and make someone lose face (of course, all viewers will ignore the obvious idiocy too)”.

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