Is it Illegal to Gamble Online in Thailand?

Is it Illegal to Gamble Online in Thailand?


I always thought that it was illegal to gamble in Thailand. I know a lot of people do it, but it is still against the law isn’t it? The reason that I ask is that The Nation website has a prominent advert in Thai on their front page for a gambling website. I clicked through and it goes to Ladbrokes which has a large website in the Thai language. A quick Google search came up with more gambling sites in the Thai language. None of them blocked. Has the Thai government given up on the gambling crackdown?


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  1. Here’s a similar scenario…

    Singapore has very strict laws against money-laundering. And the punishment is rather severe too.
    However, there is one tiny loophole, and it goes something like this (i’m of course paraphrasing)
    “..but if the money is not physically located on the island, or on Singapore soil, then none of the anti money-laundering laws apply…”

    Hence, reports like these still hold true:

  2. During many premiership games a gambling website advertises on the pitch side hoardings in various languages, including thai. I can also play poker online in Thailand, whereas ironically in Las Vegas I get blocked

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