How to Report a Taxi in Bangkok

How to Report a Taxi in Bangkok

Since the 1st September 2012, the police have been cracking down on taxi drivers refusing to pick up passengers. In the past they would have just received a warning, but starting this month, refusing to pick up passengers is now 1 of 13 traffic violations that will get a driver an immediate fine (see here). If this happens to you, you can contact the Land Transport Department Hotline on 1584. You need to make a note of the license plate (see above picture) and the time and place of the incident. They also suggest taking a picture but I would advise caution doing this. Taxi drivers have been known to attack passengers for doing this. An alternative number is 1197 which is the hotline for traffic police. According to The Nation, the LTD received 60 complaints from passengers in the last three days. There was also 11 complaints of taxi drivers dropping passengers off midway.

Taxi drivers have a variety of excuses for not picking up passengers. Some of them are genuine and you should try and be sympathetic. Taxi drivers often rent the vehicles and they have to return them at the end of their shift on time. It is not fair if you want them to go the wrong direction near the end of their shift. The Bangkok Post did some research on Thai forums and here is their list of the most common reasons given by taxi drivers for refusing a fare:

  1.  “I’ve to return the cab to the garage” is by far the most common excuse that people come across. Many people have pointed out that a taxi driver who is no longer providing service on that day should turn off their “vacant” sign so that people do not waste their time and can look for other cabs.
  2. “The car needs refueling”.
  3. The driver changes his mind mid-way and drops the passenger off, claiming that the traffic is too bad to go through. Many people pointed out that traffic congestion in the city is normal and if the driver wants to avoid traffic jams they should quit driving in the city altogether.
  4. Taxis parked in front of malls and bus terminals are selective of their passengers, and frequently claim the destination is too near and they don’t make any money for the trip. These drivers  are usually mafia-types and normal cabs are threatened do not to get in the queue.
  5. “The trip is too far, you have to pay extra”. Many cab drivers trying to make extra money force passengers to pay more than the normal meter fare. Even though they do not deny service, demanding more money is also unlawful. These demands are often made to passengers travelling at night trying to get home, or people who are in a hurry. Passengers are usually forced to oblige and pay 50 to 100 baht more for the convenience.
  6. Taxis that only accept foreigners as passengers. These types of taxis are found near tourist areas. Many usually  do not turn on their meteres and charge excessive fare. Then there are those who turn on their meter  but drive around town before reaching the destination, often close by,  to increase the fare on the meter for visitors who are not familiar with the roads and streets.
  7. Some just park on the side of the road, rudely waving off passengers without any explanation. Netizens said these people are “rich enough, they do not need to woo passengers to make a living”.

Speaking personally, I have rarely had a problem with taxi drivers. The majority have been polite and have turned on the meter without me asking. I have had some refuse to take me to a destination due to traffic jams, but there are usually half a dozen following behind. It is not the end of the world.

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  1. I’ve recently had 2 groups of foreign friends visiting. Twice I’ve tried to get a taxi out of Mochit and after asking a combined 17 taxis on those 2 trips (7 then 10 taxi respectively) I actually had the taxi drivers in Mochit flag me down other taxis. The police could do worse than start a crackdown there.

    1. And Now on December 6th 2014 it goes on and on. It appears as if the pledge by Taxi drivers on the Kings Birthday was at best ill conceived

      BANGKOK, 6 December 2014 (NNT) The Land Transport Department, in collaboration with taxi drivers and taxi radio operators, hosted an event to commemorate His Majesty the King’s birthday anniversary on December 5, with participating taxi drivers vowing not to turn down any passengers, as a tribute to His Majesty.

  2. What I’m curious is what you do about taxi drivers not turning on the meter.

    It happens to me ALL THE F*%! time. At least 5 times a day. I live here, yet these drivers won’t do their job.

    Granted, I’ve meet some wonderful and friendly drivers. But it tries my patience like nothing else when someone wants me to pay 200 baht for a 45 baht cab ride.

    1. I am not sure what to say. I have taken taxis about 6 or 7 times since the crackdown and never once had to say “bert meter”. If they don’t I wait for them to drive for a few minutes and do my quip in Thai “Oh, is it free today?”. The law is on my side. Other than that I can only suggest pretending to call 1197. Maybe another tactic is to get in first and shut the door before saying where you want to go as if you won’t take any fuss from them.

      1. Richard, you would well know by being able to speak Thai you have a massive start and are most likely not to get taken advantage of, and even by reporting them their fine would be cut dramatically with a “cash” transaction Ha Ha

    2. I live here too. . Whenever I have to teach a class at our campus by the river and finish around 4 PM, the taxis try to get me to pay 400 baht to hua lumpong-should be around 80 baht. They just assume any foreigner in that area came from grand palace so is a tourist. It can take me 45 minutes to get a taxi. I just sit in taxis and close the door. repeat meter. I understand fair amount of Thai but speak less (tones are problem). Sometimes it works others it doesn’t. I usually try to use taxi stand at major shopping centers

    3. I met a taxi driver who cheated my money without fetching me to the destination by just turning around by not more than 30m and he received me 80Bhat without turning on meter. To avoid dangerous thinGS happened, I juwt paid him. I hope he’ve got karma. His taxi plat number is AA8089. Everyone beware!

  3. There’s a free iPhone app called Taxi Reporter, specifically for reporting taxis in Bangkok. Fortunately, I haven’t had an opportunity to use it. Has anyone used it and knows if it files a proper complaint for you or not?

  4. Thank you Platinum is bad refused twice last week one after the other. the polce were there on bikes theyf musat know what is go on probably paid by mafia. had a row with drivers who drove off. best regards john

  5. Everyone please dun sit taxi 2292. Today 12/01/13 him cheat me 100 baht. Actually is from china town to visuttikasat is 60 baht. ( this is my after back asl hotel guest jist now it ) start i ask the taxi and him say 300 baht. Omg, then i say dun wan. And him say 200 baht, 150 baht. Ok 150 baht ok because i think so far. Actually is 60 baht. So sad cheat by 2292!!

  6. Hi,

    Do you know if there are harsher penalties for aggressive drivers? Normally taxis are good and friendly and I don’t mind that much where they don’t want to take you. However I’ve found lately really nasty taxis, shouting, threatening, etc. Once I had to ask him to stop at the police station, he did and he kept shouting in front of the police who didn’t care much.

    I think these kind of taxis should be completely removed from service but I don’t even know if it’s worth reporting them considering how the police reacted. It might even be dangerous if they drop you at home. Do the police care? Can something be done?

  7. Please dont use taxi number V 9463 driven by Khun Nithiphum (mobile number 0854468493). He cheated us during our arranged trip to Ayuthaya today as he refused to take us to agreed tourist places rather he was taking around the city with pretext that he does not know the route. He started demanding additional money for going to Palace at Bang Pa In. Finally we cancelled the plan and returned to Bangkok.I have been visting Thailand since 2001 but this is my very first bad experience which wil force me to think twice before I take any taxi service.

  8. It is extremely frustrating. I’ve been traveling full time with my son for the last 2 years and have never had so many difficulties with taking taxis. At the train station, it took us no less than 12 taxis to get one that would use the meter. Later that night we were returning to our hotel, and we went through at least 8 taxis before we found one that would use the meter. There are places in Bangkok I’d love to visit but that aren’t close to the MRT or BTS, and I just dread having to go through the nonsense of using a taxi to get to any of them. It really hangs a dark cloud over enjoying the city.

  9. Got charged 6000baht for 3 of us to travel to the floating markets via taxi from Khoisan rd. should have been 700 baht, ripped off much

  10. Negative review of “Maiden Massage” on Narathiwat Ratchanakarin Rd., near Surawong Road in Bangkok.

    This was my experience:
    The English-speaking male tout pulled me in from the sidewalk, and offered me a “..young beauty special friendly girl for special massage..”. Ok, so I assumed that clearly meant your usual naughty massage.

    I paid in advance 800-THB for the 1-hour. After I paid, the tout made a point of saying to me, “ tip her extra, if she do all OK for you..”. That also seemed clear enough to me. The young cutie washed my feet and took me up the elevator to the 5th Floor. After I showered, the young girl re-appeared, and I initiated the usual negotiations trying to determine her limits and what it was going to cost me in “tips”.

    Big Zero. Not even a fully clothed hand job… there wasn’t any sex service available at any price. The tout then re-appeared and explained that “..there was a misunderstanding, that really they don’t offer any sex services of any kind there..” The tout asked if I wanted to cancel, and I said yes, and I put my clothes on, and went back downstairs to the desk and stood there. Big dumb blank stares all around. The tout refused to refund all, or even a portion, of my 800-THB.

    We strongly recommend against Maiden Massage.

    …and I’m a pretty nice guy, and I’ve lived here a long time. Normally these scum bag parasites at the knockin’ shops don’t cheat me quite this bad, but this guy clearly offered “special”, when in fact that isn’t what they do at this place… This particular tout-monkey had an odd look about him, and he spoke English well enough.

    I promised him that I would list my review on every forum on the planet, and I’m just getting started… If I can cut out even a tiny bit of his Japanese package tour business, it will be beau coups more than 800-THB…

  11. I’ve been in Bangkok for about two weeks and I’m staying in Langsuan. I have had similar experiences to the ones mentioned above. Almost 4/5 taxis won’t use the meter. I too have had very kind drivers but generally they are just normal. Thrice in these two weeks I have come across extremely rude taxi drivers one of which lit a cigarette in the car with my 4 month old sitting in it! I thought I would write a letter to the Ministry of Tourism and came across the hotline mentioned in this article. This trip has been excellent on all accounts, but when a rotten taxi driver shows up it ruins the day, not just that moment because I personally, am not used to this sort of behavior. This is not the Thailand I visited in the 90’s.

  12. It is very easy: All those drivers who refuse using a correct meter or just dont have a correctly operating meter will be detected and charged with high fines. So finally there will remain only the honest drivers. This topic shouldnt be an issue in such an advanced country like thailand, but it sadly is. I was ripped-off by a driver recently who refused to switch on the meter.

  13. Following the Saturday night Brazil game a friend of mine and I attempted to get a taxi on Sukhumvit high road. The taxi rank only offered ‘off the meter fairs’ So I took some photographs of the number plates and the drivers.

    I was assaulted by a taxi driver who hit me across the back from behind with a meter long metal bar. I have a photo of the man that attacked me too, who ran away like a scared pussy cat after hitting me, swaggered around swinging his bat from side-to-side, from a distance near his gang mates. However, the gang and his friends were very enthusiastic about fighting more and protecting their racket.

  14. To Richard Barrow:

    You make it sound so easy to report a bad taxi driver:

    Just call 1584 and report the bad driver.

    It is not easy at all. When I called this number, I was given several options from a person who was speaking in Thai. Option 1, and 2, and 3. There was no option for English.

    Since many of the passengers who may wish to report a bad taxi driver may be foreigners, it is obvious that there should be an option for English language.

    When I finally was able to pass the machine and get to a real person, I asked for someone who could speak English. They said: Just a minute. Another person picked up and said the same. The third person that picked up spoke a little English. But not much.

    She was not interested in taking my report. I told her I had evidence: a picture of the license plate. How could I send it to them? She offered me an email address:

    I tried to send my picture and my complaint to this address, but it bounced. They gave me an address that is invalid!

    I would like to know: how can I report a bad taxi driver in Bangkok?

    How can I submit my evidence?

    Please follow up on this matter

    Thank you for your time and attention


    Torben Retboll

    1. I understand what you are saying, but by far the number of people having a problem are Thai speakers. Of the foreigners who want to lodge a complaint, tourists who are confident in speaking English are a minority. I would guess far more people speak Chinese and Russian. So, at the end of the day, there would have to be an option for all of the languages.

      1. Thank you for your message

        I get your point

        I still think they should have at least one person who can speak English to answer the phone, and they should give me an email address that is valid.

        Do you know a valid email address that is connected with this office?

        Torben Retboll

          1. My Thai girlfriend called the Traffic police hotline today to report a taxi who refused to take us to our destination ( Therperak rd to Bangna Trad ).

            It is now our ( unwanted ) hobby to report every taxi which refuse to take us to our destination, refuse the meter, are rude to us and the worst of all : stare at my girlfriend through the rear view mirror assuming I’ve just picked her up from a bar! …which in fact she’s a lawyer and always conservatively dressed.

  15. I think they should have an English speaking person if they are really sincere in receiving complaints. I have very bad experience with AIS recently. Although i selected English option they keep giving me Russian. My phone keeps receiving messages in Thai despite that i went to their office to set it in English, 5 times !! Each time the English will just last for a day and the next day it’s back to Thai. When my 7 day data package expires, they start to charge by the minute without notice given to me and every staff give different info. If I have not deposited too much credit, I will change to another phone company.
    Thai taxi drivers’ attitude dropped drastically during these 2 years. It’s noticeable. Many of them intentionally takes you a longer way and pretend not to understand English when you point it out. So you are helpless once you are inside the taxi.
    I don’t think it’s wrong for the taxi driver to stare at anyone via the rear mirror though; as long as he does his driving job well. If any anyone keeps staring at me, I will feel proud or happy. It proves I am good looking and being admired.

  16. The Thai police – and Thai authorities in general – like to start campaigns about this or that. For a week or two there is activity and media attention. After a while it all fades out: no activity and no media attention.

    The campaign about irresponsible taxi drivers in Bangkok is just like that. On your blog you mention a date in 2012. There is no significant change after this date. I have met the same number of irresponsible taxi drivers in Bangkok before and after the date in 2012.

    Thai authorities like to think that a problem can be solved with a brief campaign. Of course this is unrealistic. Once the campaign fades away, the problem is still there. That is why many things in Thailand cannot change. Or, if they can, change comes very slowly.

    Torben Retboll

  17. Today my brother come from Bangladesh.I take big taxi from counter.Taxi number 7526 from lane number 37.we entered into the taxi.Taxi driver refused to go by meter.He charge us 600 bath.if not 600 baht he
    refused to go. Then we agree to go 500 baht.I know normally go by meter.passengers have to pay toll&service charge 50baht.Thailand taxi drivers are no good.Why your country taxi driver not wants to use meter?Why keep meter in taxi?Why your country taxi drivers do like this with foreigners?What is the law?

    1. Why didn’t you report the driver? Didn’t you get a slip of paper at the counter on how to report them? If you don’t bother to report then you are wasting your time complaining on social media.

  18. Need to complain on a taxi in Bangkok. I was travelling sitting in front passenger and my wife and daughter behind.

    Taxi Driver ID: 136186
    Taxi Pink 1686 (I have picture of the taxi plate)

    Pick up from Terminal 21 Front Entrance taxi area
    To Anantara Sathorn
    Time: about 7 pm
    Traffic: No Jam

    I ask to use meter before starting. Start at 35baht. Halfway taxi meter move up to 145 baht. I ask why meter move up so fast. He said you want meter that is it. So I took a photo of his ID in front and also the meter reading which is 151baht.
    The taxi driver got angry and stop the car halfway and scolding us why take picture and also treatened us. Ask us to pay and get down. I said I am not going to get down and insist to take us to the hotel or police station. He took my picture also and said will report for not paying. I said I will pay when he sent me to the hotel but will report the case also.
    I dont mind being cheated and pay for it if he apologies but stopping halfway and like want to beat me up is too much.

    When reaching the hotel the fair comes up to 170baht. We took picture of the taxi and my wife have the video taken behind. I gave the 170baht to the hotel security to pay him as I do not want to have more problem with him.

    If you need evidence please email me and I will sent it to you.

    The normal fare usually is about 100baht even on heavy traffic. Today no jam also.

    Thank you and hope you take action against this taxi driver spoiling the image of your tourism industry. Ricky

    1. Do as the Thai’s do and worse. Give them a taste of their own medicine. If they don’t use the meter, don’t use it. When you arrive just walk away. If they chase after you, act like a victim. If they assault you with a weapon, make sure you have a weapon to fight back.

      The sight of you ready to fight will most likely make him back off. Most of these low scums will only pick on someone that they can pick on. The moment they realize that you will fight back they will pussy away (If there is no one looking by all-means F*ck him up) continue just make sure that you cannot be identified.

      When your done continue with your vacation. You’ll leave soon anyway. The Thai government will not investigate for a lowly taxi driver because he can’t pay tea money. If it were someone with some money then by all means do not do anything mentioned above.

      Been dealing with things like that for years since I’ve lived here. I know I’m a scum. But it takes a scum to f*ck another scum.

      My name is Matthew and I look forward to the response.

      1. A foreigner tried just that last year. The taxi driver had a machete under his seat. Now the foreign tourist is dead. Do you really think that was worth it? My advice is, if he won’t turn on the meter, then just get out.

  19. This is my 2nd times visiting Bangkok since 10 years ago. The city appear had change a lots but the taxi services here is worst. I took a ride from airport to town center , the taxi driver , plat no.1584, license no.171641 was careless and rude. There was two times we almost hit the car in front.
    Before we drive off from airport, I did ask him whether he knew the route to the hotel both in Chinese and English .The answer is yes. So I trusted him. Who know!!! He mixup with other hotel. This is a nightmare. I told him This is not the hotel I want to go. Suddenly , he start speaking Thai loudly , go off from the car and slap the car door. What a taxi service is this?
    Minute after he came and drive me to the hotel. This is not the end of his rudeness, he even asking me to pay more.
    I’m not bother him , just pay the fare plus $50 surcharge and get off. What an excellent experience I got on my 1st day trip to Thailand.

    1. I am sorry about your experience, but you will get absolutely nothing out of complaining on internet platforms. The slip of paper your were given at the airport had the driver’s details and a number to lodge a complaint. If you really want to make changes for the better, then you should lodge an official complaint.

    2. I do not understand why anybody would want to take a taxi from Suvarnabhumi airport to town. For several years we have had the airport rail link. This not perfect, but there are no tricks, no extra charges.

      Just go to the basement and buy a ticket to the station that is most convenient for you.

      This way you do not need to wait for a taxi and you do not need to discuss anything with a taxi driver.

      The same applies when you want to go to the airport. Take the BTS to Phiya Thai station. From there you can connect to the airport rail link. This will get you to the airport fast.

      The airport rail link is much cheaper than a taxi.

      Torben Retboll

  20. For the record, the email address on teh AOT/SUVARNABUMI is a dead email address. Looks like to have to call to actually make a complaint.

  21. New Year’s Day ,agreed taxi fare from Bkk to Ayutthaya return Bahts 1200. But the driver took us only one way and dropped us off in Ayutthaya and not want to bring back us to BKk.
    We got there but did not have a chance to visit Wat Mahathat and other pagodas and temples . And we have to come back with minibus. VERY BADEXPERIENCE

    1. A taxi is something that you take when you want to go from one place to another within a city. You do not take a taxi when you want to go from one city to another. You only have yourself to blame for this!

      To go from Bangkok to another city take a bus or a minivan. This is much cheaper. You pay about one TB per kilometer.


      The other day I took a minivan from Chantaburi to Bangkok. The price for one person was 200 TB. The distance is ca. 250 km.

  22. Just an example. Had another 3 today.

    What is needed is a well advertised web site where people can enter the taxi Nos and details of the problem for an official department to better monitor problems and perhaps see patterns developing with particular drivers. Taking the official line of complaint at the moment is far to laborious.

  23. We boarded a pink taxi (lady driver, car plate 1555) from pratunam to Chinatown on 6 Feb 2016. We r so careless that we left our luggage of shopping goods worth $10000 baht. We only noticed after our dinner which is 2 hrs later..though we know that the chances of retrieving our luggage r slim or
    even 0% ..nevertheless we still approach Chinese shop owners for help..They r vy friendly n even help us to call the taxi headquarter..We just have to go bk hotel n wait for gd news. All of us were disappointed of our carelessness n lost of our shopping gds. ..without giving husband n me approached hotel staff for help again giving those info we cld remember. It’s getting later n later n we simply lost our confidence..suddenly a called from the desk counter told us that the lady taxi driver had actually repported to the police n sent bk our luggage to the taxi headquarter…she was later instructed by the headquarter n our hotel to send our luggage to the hotel n we all waited happily for her n our luggage…We r really lucky n fortunate to take her taxi..

  24. Hello, taxies public at Suwannapoom Airport

    I am a Thai lady who arrived BKK from London by British Airline BA-09 at 9:40am also was taking a taxi line 19/ his name is Suntron Aankean(นายสุนทร อ่านเขียน) over charged extra cash 50 baht from the miter as I can’t remember what the number of car. SO Hey guys I didn’t mind about money but it is honestly should be with Thai people together too.

    สวัสดีค่ะ ดิฉัน ชื่อจีรภัคร์พร ซิลลินสกิ ได้นั่งแทกซี่จากสนามบินสุวรรณภูมิ ช่องที่ 19 ชื่อนายสุนทร อ่านเขียนแต่ไม่สามารถจำเลขทะเบียนรถได้ ราคาตามมิเตอร์ 559 บาท แต่เขาเรียกเก็บ 600 บาท ค่าทางด่วน 145 บาท รวม 745 บาท ดิฉันเชื่อว่า เมืองไทยเริ่มทันสมัยในการใช้เครื่องอิเล็กทรอนิคส์ในการเรียกเก็บค่าโดยสาร แต่อยากทราบว่า ส่วนต่าง 50 บาท มันคืออะไร????? ดิฉันไม่ได้เสียดายเงินที่จะจ่ายแต่เสียความรู้สึกที่คนไทยด้วยกันทำกันเอง

    อย่างไรถ้าการเขียนอธิบายครั้งนี้ เป็นความถูกต้องของทางแท็กซี่ก็ขออภัย แต่ถ้าไม่ใช่ คุณสุนทร อ่านเขียนผู้ขับรถแทกซี่คนนี้ก็ไม่มีความเป็นคนไทยที่ดี ไม่ยุติธรรม และขาดจรรยาบรรณอย่างที่เขาทำ

    จีรภัคร์พร ซิลลินสกิ
    Jeerapakphon Zielinski

    1. This message is very strange. Why do you even take a taxi from the airport? Why don’t you take the train? If you take the train, there is no hassle with taxi drivers.

    2. ถ้าอ่านในใบเรียกใช้บริการที่สนามบินสุวรรณภูมิตามช่องทางที่กล่าว ก็จะมีเรียกเก็บเป็นปกติอยู่แล้วคือบวก50บาทจากค่าโดยสารตามมิเตอร์
      ถ้าใช้บริการรถประเภทอื่นเช่นGRAB, UBER ก็จะมีคิดค่าบริการตามนโยบายของเขาค่ะ

  25. Driver Mr. ODD Chapakdee of taxi T 5171 did not want to turn up the meter for a trip Sukumvit soi 3 near GM Services and presented me a charge of 200 bahts which should have costed 76 baht. He had to take me to the Thai Airways office in Chitlom. He took the correct way no detours.

    Since two years drivers tell me the earn to little and still more drivers are aggressive and do not want to put the meter on as they tell me I do not keep enough at the end of the day. Sometimes I take only 100 baht home. In other times I could take 2,000 baht per day.

    Alli a frequent visitor to BKK since 2002. April 2016

  26. My family and I arrived in Bangkok at 00h.30 on Aug 15th 2016. We left Bangkok International Airport around 2h.30 in the morning after immigration procedure. We got a taxi ticket numbered 61 that led us to a very rude and aggressive driver. I asked him the cost from the Suvarnabhumi Airport to Chilly Bangkok Hotel located at 53/15-17 Soi. Charoen Krung 37, Charoen Krung Road, Mahapruttaram Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500 and he said it was 500 THB. I made a deal of half price with him and he did not agree. I told him we would take a ride with him if he turned on meter monitor and we paid for the toll way. He agreed but was not happy. All the way from airport to the hotel he shouted and scolded us in Thai language. He did not speak English well, just a few words. Even we do not understand his mother language; the way he spoke we could tell he used foul language toward us. He showed off as a gangster. When we talked in Vietnamese he was kind of angry and aggressive. I tried to remember all information in front of me in case he did something bad I could report to police. Here below are details of his name and number:
    NAME: TANAYA (Kind of, I am not sure)
    SURNAME: QUI CHONG (I am sure)
    License number: 5687 (I am sure)
    Besides toll way fee of 75 THB, we paid him 330 THB and gave him a tip of 20 THB. The first time we came to Thailand but honestly we have no good feeling with drivers here, of course there are good ones out there.

  27. Today we had 3 experiences, 2 bad 1 good.

    First was a green and yellow taxi, a Mr sakul keotwichit 5751 in a taxi marked 4113, he refused to use his metre and charged us double the metre rate, our second driver used the metre this is how we knew what the fare should of been.

    My son went out alone, he is deaf so the language barrier is more difficult and did the same journey in a pink taxi, the driver charged him 3000 baht when it had cost us 120 two hours before, son refused to pay and the driver grabbed his wallet and took all his money and left him with nothing, in a strange city… Son was too unnerved to think to get his number.

    Dishonest arseholes! Making a bad name for the good guys


  29. Last night I took a Taxi from Mbk to Patpong, I asked if the meter will be used and the driver started the meter. He then asked me if I been to Patpong before and I replied in the affirmative.
    He then informs me that Patpong is closed due to a fire, LOL!
    He demanded 150 baht , I ordered him to pull off as I wanted to jump out. I did jump off!
    I lectured him on how his spoiling the name of the beautiful land and its beautiful ppl.
    There are thousands of great taxi drivers that do use the meter, so I won’t let silly ones disturb me

  30. Iam having same problems with taxi here at the great ridredidence hotel near Bangkok airport the fare to get here was 500 baht to get here using the meter and getting lost ,should have been 400 baht , today going back they refuse to use the meter to go anywhere wanting 1200 baht to go back to the same address .Also to go anywhere local they want high prices no meters . the hotel has a taxi service which is worse refuse to use meter when I asked them to call a cab he refused to use the meter ended up taking a bike to taxi down the street and had to hassle with them wanting 600 baht when he finely turned on the meter it was under 200 baht with a stop for him at parts store and one for me then return he wanted 600 each way

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