Watching 3D Movies in Thailand

Watching 3D Movies in Thailand

As it was a holiday, I took Nong Grace to watch the new Disney movie Brave at the weekend. She had enjoyed the last 3D movie we had gone to see and wanted to see another. I thought it was just a passing fad but it seems that 3D movies are here to stay. We don’t have any 3D TV channels in Thailand yet though they do sell the 3D televisions. At the cinema, it seems most films these days are released in 3D. Personally I cannot see the point and would rather watch a movie without having to wear glasses. But, Nong Grace still enjoys the novelty so we will probably see the next movie in 3D as well.

In my opinion, the studios are rushing to release both new and old movies in 3D as a way to collect more money from us at the box office. The tickets for this show were 140 Baht for kids and 240 Baht for adults. The normal show without 3D is 190 Baht for adults. What do you think? Is 3D just a gimmick or is it here to stay?

3 thoughts on “Watching 3D Movies in Thailand

  1. I’d say it’s here to stay but nowhere near the takeover of movies that was predicted when “Avatar” came out. I’ve enjoyed maybe three of the dozen or so 3D films I’ve watched. Sometimes the 3D is so distracting that it’s difficult to concentrate on the plot as with the film “Avengers.” I had to see the 2D(?) version. Now, I read reviews before doling out the surcharge for the 3D version. Brave was well done but I don’t feel watching the 3D version is necessary.

  2. I wear glasses. First time I saw a 3D movie in Japan, I had to buy another pair of glasses for seeing 3D movies. No other choice. During the two hours, I wore two glasses, but the 3D one doesn’t fit well. So I had to use both of my hands all through to the end to support the 3D one. Tired. No 3D movies since.

    1. My father-in-law also had that problem and was so frustrated that he vows never to watch another 3D film again. It ruined our movie experience as well to see him so unhappy.

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