Kettle that Boils in 45 Seconds

Before I continue, I need to make a confession. I drink instant coffee. Sorry if I offend any of the Starbucks fans out there. The fact is, I just go for a quick caffeine fix and don’t really want to mess around or even spend lots of money. Most people in Thailand go for the 3-in-1 Coffee sachets. This has instant coffee, milk powder and sugar all mixed together and ready to use. I usually have that or just go for a jar of instant coffee as I don’t really like it so sweet. I know you can buy coffee maker machines to do all of this for you to make so-called real coffee, but there are very expensive here in Thailand.

I don’t know about you, but when I boil a kettle I tend to wander off and sometimes forget. So when I come back the water is only lukewarm and I have to boil again. When my first kettle busted I went for one of those water heaters that keep it hot all the time while plugged in. Great for people like me but obviously not good for my electricity bill. As the buttons on this were not being reliable any more, I went looking for an alternative. I found it with this kettle that I spotted at the PowerBuy sale at BITEC. It looks like a coffee machine but it just boils water. What is impressive is that it does it in only 45 seconds. It does this by only boiling enough for one cup. Great when you need a quick cup of coffee or tea and don’t want to hang around. I’m loving it so far.

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