Trip to Lopburi for the King Narai Reign Fair

Lopburi is a well-known destination among foreign travellers as the Monkey City. It is also important historically as during the 17th Century is was the centre of culture, religion and diplomatic relations in Thailand. Indeed, the French Ambassador visited here in 1685 during the reign of King Narai the Great. Every year, during February, they hold a festival honouring this king. I drove up to Lopburi the other day to attend this festival. Along the way I did side trips in Saraburi on the way up and Ang Thong on the way down. The following photos were tweeted live during the trip.


One thought on “Trip to Lopburi for the King Narai Reign Fair

  • February 20, 2018 at 9:29 pm

    I went 6 years ago -when Sothaya Subyen of “Filmvirus” cast me as a returned Constantine Phaulkon ,having me walk around,contemplate,reflect on various parts of the oldcity -including where he was killed,just outside the centre.Sothaya seemed to expect or hope ,that I’d be overcome by the memory of my death.The footage is on Youtube – the film hasn’t been completed and even if the finances are forthcoming,I’m way too ols to be a credible Phaulcon.
    But it was my most enjoyable way ever to see an old city anywhere,anytime.I love Lopburi
    The most remarkable thing about the K Narai festival is the way it involves the whole city -all the “actors” are local,and one feels a palpable sense of the townspeople “owning” this special event
    Pleased you enjoyed it Richard


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