1.38 Million cars left Bangkok at the start of the new year holiday

The best time of year to drive around Bangkok is during any long weekends. The longer the better like what we are having at the moment. According to the statistics that were released today, a total of 1,381,470 cars left Bangkok on the main highways during the last three days. This explains why Bangkok’s road are so quiet this weekend.

Most cars left Bangkok on the Outer Ring Road (40.77%), followed by Motorway (33.65%) and Burapha Withi Expressway (25.58%). Interestingly, the latter highway, which goes towards Chonburi and Pattaya, actually saw a drop of 14.12% in cars compared to a normal day.

Outbound Traffic between 29th-31st December 2016
Cars: 1,381,470 (460,490 per day compared to 392,295 on an average day) +17.38%
Trucks: 66,274 (22,091 per day compared to 43,914 on an average day) -49.69%

Motorway Highway 7
Cars: 456,555 (152,185 per day compared to 128,672 on an average day) +18.27%
Trucks:  (10,189 per day compared to 18,348 on an average day) -44.47%

Motorway Highway 9
Cars: 566,964 (188,988 per day compared to 124,688 on an average day) +51.57%
Trucks:  (7,755 per day compared to 18,910 on an average day) -58.99%

Burapha Withi Expressway
Cars: 357,951 (119,317 per day compared to 138,935 on an average day) -14.12%
Trucks:  (4,147 per day compared to 6,656 on an average day) -37.70%

One thought on “1.38 Million cars left Bangkok at the start of the new year holiday

  • January 10, 2017 at 3:48 pm

    I drive Bangkok to Rayong several times a week. I think you will find the drop in traffic was because most people who use these routes were going elsewhere for the holiday period. It’s a largescale commuter road more than anything.


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