Ten Long Weekends in Thailand during 2017


During 2017, there are ten long holidays in Thailand. These are as follows:

  • New Year’s Day: Saturday 31st December 2016 to Tuesday 3rd January 2017
  • Makha Bucha Day: Saturday 11th February to Monday 13th February 2017
  • Songkran: Thursday 13th April to Monday 17th April 2017
  • May Day: Saturday 29th April to Monday 1st May 2017
  • Coronation Day: Friday 5th May to Sunday 7th May 2017
  • Asanha Bucha & Khao Phansa: Saturday 8th to Tuesday 11th July 2017
  • Mother’s Day: Saturday 12th August to Monday 14th August 2017
  • Chulalongkorn Day: Saturday 21st October to Monday 23rd October 2017
  • Constitution Day: Saturday 9th December to Monday 11th December 2017
  • New Year’s Day: Saturday 30th December 2017 to Tuesday 2nd January 2018

Source: Kapook.com

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