New Drive Thru Post Office in Bangkok


Thailand already has a Drive Thru for McDonald’s and even Starbucks. Now Thailand Post has joined the new trend. If you live in the Laksi district of Bangkok, you will now find that your local post office also has a Drive Thru. So, you no longer need to park your car first and join a queue. You can just drive up to the counter and send off letter and parcels without leaving your car. Hopefully it will last longer than the Drive Thru at Nonthaburi Immigration. I heard that innovation didn’t last very long.


Pictures and Story: Thai Rath (Thai language)

One thought on “New Drive Thru Post Office in Bangkok

  • July 2, 2015 at 8:02 pm

    How long is the drive through ? At least it will briefly be relieving the appallingly BMA managed road transport system of supporting and servicing the.0….1% of the vehicles that would otherwise be waiting for a competently managed infrastructure.


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