How to Earn Unlimited Free Rides with Uber Bangkok


If you are fed up with regular Bangkok taxis, then there is an alternative experience which is not only safer, but far more pleasant. If you have already used Uber Black in Bangkok then you know what I mean. It is refreshing to be in a new car with seatbelts and free drinks, and where the driver doesn’t argue about which route to take or whether the meter should be on or off. However, this experience comes at a price. With Uber Black, the base fare is 50 Baht and then it is 2.5 Baht per minute and 14 Baht per kilometer.

Promo Code to get 300 Baht off your first ride with Uber Bangkok

If you have already used Uber in Bangkok, look under “Free Rides” on your smartphone app. Here you will see your own special promo code. Mine is UXTB6. To get a free ride, all you have to do is send this code to a friend, family member or even a stranger in Bangkok. When they sign up for the first time, they will get 300 Baht off their first ride and you will get 300 Baht credit too. (This used to be 200 Baht.) However, you will have three months to use this free credit before it expires.

This is how it works:

  1. Invite new users to sign up for Uber
  2. They will automatically get a free ride if they sign up using your code – you can find it under the “Free Rides” section in the app
  3. Once they take their first ride, you will get one free ride
  4. Free rides are up to 300 Baht each, and will expire 3 months after they are applied
  5. The free rides will only work in Bangkok
  6. Existing Uber credits remain valid and will be used after any free rides

Once you have earned some credit, click on “Payment” on the smartphone app to see how much you have earned. From what I understand, any existing credit you have from the old promotion will remain valid.

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