“Siam Through the Lens of John Thomson” exhibition starts 10 January


Some of my favourite photographs of Thailand during the 19th Century were taken by Scottish photographer John Thomson. From 1864 to 1865 Thomson was in Siam, as it was known in those days, photographing the King of Siam and members of the royal court. He also ventured out into the country where he documented village life.


For the first time, 60 photographs by Thomson will be featured in an exhibition called “Siam Through The Lens Of John Thomson”.  I have seen many of them before but I’m looking forward to seeing them altogether. The exhibition runs from 10th January to 28th February 2015 at the National Gallery on Chao Fah Road in Bangkok. Admission is free.


Pictures on this page come from the Wellcome Library. They have these and many more of Thomson’s journey across East Asia in the late 19th Century. Click here to see the complete collection.


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