Thai School Life in Pictures – Week 06

This is a photo summary of a typical week at our school in Samut Prakan in Thailand. I am tweeting these pictures on my Twitter account @ThaiSchoolLife. This is the school where I have been working for the last twenty years or so. One of my main duties is to manage their social media accounts. As well as this Twitter feed, I have to post onto about 15 different Facebook pages. The main school page is here if you want to see more pictures.

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  • December 15, 2014 at 7:08 pm

    Hello Richard,
    I really enjoy reading your emails – – – thank you so much! My husband and I will be visiting Thailand again next month for four weeks (21st January – 17th February) and would be very interested in visiting your school. We have lived in France for the last sixteen years and I give English lessons to adults in our village. Last year, during our travels in Thailand and Malaysia, we met a few ‘older couples’ like us, who teach in China and Malaysia and it prompted the thought “why not me?”
    In your ‘School Life’ photos I see that your English teachers are all attractive young women. Do you think that there would be any chance of a retired 65+ year-old English woman getting a teaching position in Thailand for a few months? I am not good with very young children,(well, certainly not undisciplined young English/French ones!!) but I have much more patience with teenagers and young adults.
    Reading about English teaching in Thailand, I see that a Bachelors degree seems to be a requirement. That is something I have never achieved – – – my ‘first’ career was as a chef. In my early 40’s, my working life took a change of direction and I trained in Environmental Health, specialising in food safety (colleagues said that I was a poacher turned game-keeper!) I had to undergo training, so although not having a BSc I do have a Post Graduate Diploma in Health Promotion.
    I don’t want to bore you anymore, but Sam and I really would like to visit you at your school if you have the time. We arrive in BKK during the evening of the 21st. We leave BKK on the 28th January and fly to Chiang Rai for a week. On the 4th February we are going to take the bus to Chiang Mai where we will spend another week. We have never visited the north of Thailand so we’re really looking forward to it. On the 11th we will return to BKK by train and the final days of our 2015 adventure will be spent in BKK with perhaps a couple of days on Phuket with friends who live there during the European winter.
    It would be lovely to meet you. Sam and I could take you for a meal (the least we could do to thank you for your website and emails!) Of course, one of Thailand’s main attractions for us is FOOD!
    When in Bangkok we always stay in the same apartment block, Baan Sathorn Chaophrya, which is fantastic. Their website is and this year we will be in our favourite studio apartment ‘Magnolia’. Naturally we will have our ‘laptop’ with us, so can still be contacted by email. I haven’t decided whether to buy a Thai SIM card for my ‘phone – – I haven’t done so before as any calls back to the family in Europe are ‘Skyped’. So, my mobile n° remains French 00 33 6 06 47 07 87
    Sam and I do hope that we can meet-up.
    À bientôt!
    Rosie Bennett


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