The First Silent Film Festival in Thailand


For movie fans there is a special treat during August as they will be able to attend the “1st Silent Film Festival” in Thailand. This will be taking place from 7th to 13th August 2014 at the Lido and Scala theatres in Bangkok. In total, there will be seven silent films shown including some works by Alfred Hitchcock. These are “The Pleasure Garden”, “The Ring” and his masterpeice “The Lodger”. In order to recreate the atmosphere of the old movie theatres, each silent film will be accompanied by pianists Maud Nelissen from the Netherlands and Mie Yanashita from Japan.


The first six days of the festival will be held at Lido Cinema and then the grand final, “The Lodger” will be shown at the Scala Theatre. Tickets for the Lido are 100 Baht each and for the final show at the Scala Theatre it is 500 Baht. There is a special “silent combo” of 1,000 Baht  if you buy six Lido tickets and one Scala ticket. In addition you get a free festival T-Shirt (worth 250 Baht). The tickets can be bought at the respective box offices but the “silent combo” can only be bought at the Scala Theatre. Tickets go on sale from 1st August 2014. Be quick as they are limited.



Lido 2 Theatre (Tickets 100 Baht)

7th August: The Pleasure Garden (8pm)
8th August: The Ring (8pm)
9th August: Water Magician (12pm), Prix de Beaute (4pm), Little Toys (6pm) & Nerven (8pm)
10th August: Pleasure Garden (12pm), The Ring (4pm), Nerven (6pm) & Little Toys (8pm)
11th August: Prix de Beaute (8pm)
12th August: The Water Magician (8pm)

Scala Theatre (Tickets 500 Baht)

13th August: The Lodger (8pm)

Film screenings come with Thai and English titles.

More information on their Facebook page.

One thought on “The First Silent Film Festival in Thailand

  • June 28, 2017 at 3:27 pm

    A silent film festival, seems interesting as most big budget Hollywood films like Transformers are just a bunch of garbage visuals with worthless dialogue


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