Popular Tweets about Songkran in Thailand 2014

These are a selection of some of my tweets about Songkran this year. Follow me on @RichardBarow or the hashtag #Songkran for more.

One thought on “Popular Tweets about Songkran in Thailand 2014

  • April 14, 2014 at 2:19 am

    Hi – just clicked on Buy me a beer, and sent 5 USD from Paypal.

    Serious: http://www.learningthai.com gives account suspended, http://www.thailandlife.com nothing (leaves hanging). Looked at the DNS information – both are valid, and both reply to ping.

    Less serious: I have followed Gor’s story for about a decade, and occasionally use the Learning with M… for practicing thai; I love it. Have never gotten around to ordering a CD version (many years ago I was practicing the Old Mac Donald had a farm, in thai – if you knew the link, it worked years after the songs vanished from Nattawud’s official pages).

    Cheers and happy Songkran,
    Göran (now retired…)


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