Latest Progress Reports for Electric Trains in Bangkok


It’s taking a long time, but the mass transit system in Bangkok is making progress. This is the latest so far:

  • Purple Line: Bang Sue – Bang Yai (23km) – 90% finished – To open in 2017
  • Blue Line: Bang Sue-Tha Phra / Hua Lamphong-Bang Khae (27km) – More than 53% finished –  To open in 2017
  • Green Line: Bearing – Samut Prakan (12.8km) – More than 22% finished –  To open in 2017
  • Red Line: Bang Sue-Rangsit (26km) – 6% finished –  To open in 2017


Above is the master plan for mass transit in Bangkok. Click here for a high definition version of this map.

One thought on “Latest Progress Reports for Electric Trains in Bangkok

  • February 18, 2014 at 2:33 am

    Isn’t it just slightly odd that the 90% completed line as well as the 6% completed line are all due to open in 2017?

    Is that a sign of some weird political game being played?

    Also, the (light red?) line track from Bang Sue to Taling Chan is basically completed along with stations (the ancient trains use the new tracks), but not opened, and not mentioned.

    It’s funny how different lines in the mass transit system use different gauges (standard for BTS/MRT/Airport Link, narrow for the Taling Chan line). Not just due to different companies — SRT itself will operates lines with different gauges (Airport Link and new lines).


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