Free Book: I Found the Fountain of Youth


If someone had suggested to me a year ago about buying a book called “I Found the Fountain of Youth” I would have said “No way!”. I wouldn’t have listened back then, but things have since changed for me. It all started with a new year’s resolution to consume more fruit and vegetables through juicing (see here). The research I did for that completely changed my outlook on life. I am now more conscious of the food that I eat and the environment where I live. It would seem that Benjawan Poomsan Becker, famous for the “Thai for Beginners” series, also went through a similar transformation last year. She managed to turn her life around and feels much better for it.


Benjawan has now written a book on her quest to living a healthy life in a modern world. I only just downloaded a copy for my Kindle yesterday and so will do a proper review later. But I must say, it has already got me thinking in different directions. My “juice detox” has worked well for me but I’m now ready for the next level. Unlike other so-called health books that only concentrate on one subject, Benjawan’s book gives you an overview of a variety of different health options. That is the strength of this book. It won’t overwhelm you like other books and if you do want to find out more, she has provided a comprehensive list of resources that includes documentaries and books.

“I Found the Fountain of Youth: The Holistic Approach to Living in the Modern World” will be available on Amazon from 28th September 2013. Full price is $19.95 but discounted to $18.95. If you have a Kindle like me, or even a Kindle app on a device like the iPad, you can download a copy of “I Found the fountain of Youth” for only $12.95.

SPECIAL OFFER: Until this Sunday, you can download the Kindle version on for FREE! 

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