Cyclists can ride the Skytrain for FREE on 21-22 September 2013


Undoubtedly the most bicycle-friendly mass transit option in Bangkok these days is the BTS Skytrain. Combining this electric train and bicycle enables you to get around the city quickly or to get out to the outskirts for a cycling trip. Although it is always crowded during rush hour on normal work days, taking your bicycle on the skytrain at the weekend is more of a breeze. Just be sensible about what time of day you are using the trains and which stations that you use. For example, try and avoid BTS Siam as this is the busiest station. If you need to get onto the Silom Line then consider boarding at National Stadium which is a terminal station.


One of the best things about using the skytrain is that it doesn’t cost any money to take your bicycle on the trains. What’s even better, the kind people running the BTS will be making it free for both you and your bike on Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd September 2013. This is in celebration of Car Free Day which is held every year in order to raise awareness  of  energy conservation and to encourage people to travel by public transport. A number of different activities will be taking place around the city for cyclists and the BTS will be making it easier for you to take part in them.

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