Stand-Up Comedy in Bangkok for Charity Event


Three British stand-up comedians aim to raise funds for the Bangkok Free Ambulance Service (BFA) using your tears of laughter on Saturday 6th July from 8pm to 10pm. The event is hosted at the new co-working space at Glowfish, just above Kuppadeli on Asoke (see map). With amazing food, cheap drinks, live band and DJ you are sure to have a fantastic evening and help raise funds for the BFA service so they can go on saving lives. Go to for more details.


THE COMEDIANS: Graham is an award winning comedian with years of experience, Tristan a seasoned comedian at open mic nights. Carl, the organiser, is a newbie to comedy with a cheezy happy style of jokes.

THE CHARITY: Marko from the BFA has helped over 10,000 people already in Thailand and is saving lives on our roads almost every day. See .

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