How to Open the Coconut Husk


I think it is the unexpected and unplanned that often turns out to be the most interesting. That was what happened today when I stumbled across this man working hard among coconut trees.


In front of him was a big pile of coconuts. Some were green in colour but many were already turning brown. What he was doing was ripping off the thick husk that surrounded the coconut.


Stuck in the ground was an up-ended knife that looked a bit like a sword. He was using this to cut open the husk. He was doing it in seconds but its much harder than it looks. You need a lot of upper arm muscle.


He told me that he could get through the big pile in just one hour. Although he only got paid 1 Baht for each coconut, he was able to do 1,000 coconuts in one day. Inside the husk is the familiar brown shelled coconut.


Crack this open and you will find coconut water and thick flesh. This coconut is more mature than the green one you sometimes find on sale. The flesh in the mature coconut is thick and can be grated to make coconut milk.

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