Thai Wisdom and Heritage Fair at Wat Pho on 24-28 April 2013


The “Thai Wisdom, Heritage Fair for a Healthy Thailand, a Healthy World” will take place at The Temple of the Reclining Buddha in Bangkok from 24-28 April 2013. The aim of the event, which is organized jointly by the Public Health Ministry and Wat Pho, is to raise public awareness of the importance of Thai traditional medicine.

A highlight will be 2,556 people who will come together to exercise using the different statues of hermits in postures of yoga as a model. 25,000 handbooks on hermits doing various yoga positions will also be published and distributed. Various activities are scheduled during the fair, including a ceremony to thank Thai traditional medicine teachers. Exhibitions of Thai traditional and alternative medicines will also be on view.

Wat Pho is well known for the giant Reclining Buddha, but also as being Thailand’s first ‘open’ University. Over the years it has become the centre of Thai arts and knowledge where the wisdom of Thai traditional medicine and massage is gathered from the ancestors and is still passed on today.

One thought on “Thai Wisdom and Heritage Fair at Wat Pho on 24-28 April 2013

  • April 4, 2013 at 2:20 pm

    Wat Po is notorious for discriminating against hard working, tax paying foreign Thai residents by subjecting them to an unjust dual pricing policy. Do you know if their discriminatory practice will also apply to the fair?


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