Lunch with the Canadian Ambassador


The Internet may make the world smaller, but I say Twitter brings people closer together. Today I had lunch with Phil Calvert, the Canadian Ambassador. It’s great that ordinary folk like me can have the opportunity to interact with ambassadors & politicians. That would have seemed impossible just a few years ago. It’s really great that social media has made people in public office more approachable. I’m honoured that two ambassadors have now personally invited me to a meal. No way that would have happened in the past. Twitter has opened a whole new world for me in just a short time.


We had lunch at Le Siam on Sala Daeng Road. It’s only a short distance from BTS Sala Daeng. They have some great tasting Thai food including many of my favourites. We ordered red curry with duck, morning glory, deep fried catfish salad and stir-fried vegetables. I couldn’t fault neither the food or service. Highly recommended.


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